IPC - Distributed Trusted Value Marketing Platform

InterPromotion Chain will establish a fundamental service chain specially for marketing in the future, so as to realize the visible value marketing and achieve the scenario where everyone can be a part and share information.

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IPC - Internet Marketing Revolutionist

IPC presents a solution with the brand-new method of “blockchain+marketing”. Considering the technical means and token design of blockchain, such as the feature of being distributed and cryptography, traditional Internet marketing structure has been changed, thus making IPC the revolutionist of Internet marketing.

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Initial Distibution

  • 10% The Foundation
  • 15% Early-stage Investors
  • 60% Mining Pool
  • 15% Project Party

Development Roadmap


Lau Jian Hoo






Enry Alexis Rudolf Tilaar

Chief Architect

Advisory Board

Jones James

Strategic Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

InterPromotion Chain will establish a fundamental service chain specially for marketing in the future, so as to realize the visible value marketing and achieve the scenario where everyone can be a part and share information.

1,By leveraging the new trust mechanism, organization form and task distribution model, the issue of suspicion chain of online marketing in the Internet marketing process can be addressed. Therefore, value-based trust will be established and the relationship between the adviser, the advertisement distributor, and the marketing platform can be rebuilt.

2,Since evidence about transfer, right authentication, and transaction history cannot be removed or altered on the blockchain, the light contract and distributed storage system can be customized to rebuild the marketing mechanism, which is completely different from traditional marketing models. In this way, the information of marketing value can be shared and justified.

3, Create connected multiple-consensus protocol (IPC protocol). By integrating resources such as multiple consensus, decentralized cloud storage, decentralized distributed data process, etc., it is aimed at realizing transparent, effective, fair and open technical architecture and ecological model. Based on IPC protocol and shared data and resources, everyone is encouraged to create applications and explore business models, so as to realize the ecological abundance and diversity of IPC value.

By holding the project token (IPC token), the participants are both value contributors and value sharers in the ecology. The value growth of the ecology will be distributed to all participants, builders and investors in the ecology automatically and fairly on the basis of the value growth of the token. This has become one of the driving forces for different roles to participate and invest in different procedures. The force drives people to voluntarily cooperate, to create value for the ecology, and to make a difference. The distributed, fair, transparent, and consensus-based blockchain not only changes the trust mode among people, but also enhances cooperation efficiency. More methods of participation and interaction are provided so individuals can have more power and opportunities.

1,From the open market

2,Users may participate in the IPC network and complete the ad tasks to gain rewards.

3,By finishing tasks of the Official Foundation and self-built funds in the IPC ecology, users and community participants can get the IPC as rewards based on their participation and contribution.

4, Be a part of the perfection and development of IPC network as the developers or entrepreneurs: for example, develop all kinds of applications/tools/services, etc., based on IPC protocol; provide basic network or technical services for DAPP in IPC network; connect existing platforms/applications/services to IPC protocol, etc. Profits can be made by providing the users with products or services. Some of the projects can also get the investments from IPC Official Foundation.

Every time users fulfill an advertisement task, a certain proportion or quantity of the tokens will be released from the mining pool. The proportion will decrease year by year from 50%, at a speed of 5% per year, until it reach to 20%. When the tokens of the mining pool are all released, the market will enter the stage of deflation. Example: in the first year, the users complete a task of 1000 IPC tokens, then the mining pool will release 500 tokens. If the users don’t have any mortgage, then the users, ad publisher and the promoter will share the 1000 IPC at a certain proportion. The released 500 tokens will be destroyed by the Foundation each quarter. If the users have any mortgage behaviors, they can have 500 tokens released form the mining pool at most.

1.Mortgage behaviors: if ad publishers, promoters and users want to have higher proportion for the task benefits, they need to mortgage certain number of tokens.

2.Destruction: each quarter, the Foundation will destroy the task-rewarding tokens for the ad publishers which are not received in full.

3.Consumption: users can use IPC tokens to consume in the shopping mall, to exchange for real objects, virtual assets, coupons, services from friendly competitors, and so on.


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